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Medical examinations and services for specific purposes eg pre-employment, fitness for sport, fitness to travel, elderly drivers etc are provided. These are not available under the NHS and consequently there is a charge. Patients are advised to ask at reception beforehand for the cost of a particular service. Please allow a minimum of 10 working days for completion.

We are obliged to treat non-UK residents and foreign national visitors as non-NHS patients. There is a fee for consultations and for any private prescriptions which may be issued (details from reception). This rule applies except in the case of a medical emergency.



Fitness to attend school / Fitness to Travel / Fitness to participate in sports / Sick note Vaccination Certificate                                                                                                                         £20.00 

Passports (fee payable for each member of the family) Photo card driving licence £25.00


BUPA / Private Patients Plan / Holiday Cancellations / School Fees / Insurance               £30.00


Fitness to Travel Certificate                                                                                              £20.00

Course of Non-NHS vaccination administration fee                                                           £25.00 


Private / Pre-employment / HGV, PSV, PGV or LGV                                                          £90.00 


Computer printout                                                                                                             £10.00

Viewing notes with GP – copies not included                                                                    £50.00 

For further information click on the link: http://www.nhs.uk/chq/Pages/2635.aspx

REPORTS                                                                                                                         £30.00-£60.00 

PRIVATE CONSULTATIONS (overseas visitors ineligible for NHS treatment)                   £50.00


You will need to telephone the doctor, as this is legally required. The doctor may need to visit to confirm the death. 

Contact the funeral director to inform them their services will be required. 

Contact the surgery who will inform you when you can collect the death certificate from the surgery. 

Please ensure you have spoken to the surgery and obtained the death certificate before making an appointment with the Registrar’s office. 

You will then need to take the certificate to the Registrar's office together with the deceased's medical card. An appointment is necessary, so please contact them on 03000 415151 and ask for the Registrar's office.  You may wish to book an appointment on-line: www.kent.gov.uk/births-ceremonies-and-deaths

The Registrar's office will issue you with a green form to be handed to the funeral director who will then be able to take complete responsibility for arranging the funeral.


Health promotion advice and suggestions for healthy eating can be found on this website or you can ask at reception for a leaflet and diet sheet.


All GP Practices are required to declare the mean earnings (e.g. average pay) for GP’s working to deliver NHS services to patients at each practice.  The average pay for GP’s working at Bower Mount Medical Practice in the last financial year was £72886  before tax and national insurance.  This is for 2 full time GPs, 5 part time GP’s who worked for the practice for more than six months. 


From 1st July non-emergency patient transport services across Kent and Medway will be provided by G4S Healthcare Services, taking over for NSL.  The booking line number is 0800 096 0211.  Further information for patients is available at www.km-pts.co.uk

If your medical or physical condition means you cannot get yourself to your NHS appointment you may be eligible for Patient Transport.  NHS patients who live in the Kent and Medway area are able to apply for assistance.  You will be taken through a short assessment to check your eligibility.

 From 1st May 2019 we are no longer doing Ear Syringing at the Surgery

 Ear Syringing can cause complications such as ear infections, perforation of the ear drum & tinnitus (persistent noise).

 What to do if you have a problem with your hearing you believe to be due to Ear Wax.

Step 1

1. Start this treatment if you have no pain, soreness or discharge from the ear. Purchase an agent from the chemist that helps liquify the ear wax. Follow the manufacturers’ instructions. Use this for the duration recommended on the manufacturer’s instructions. If after this time you are still experiencing problems with your hearing you can proceed to Step 2

2. Or instil Olive Oil 2-3 drops for 2 -3 times a day. If after 3 weeks you are still experiencing problems with your hearing you can proceed to Step 2

Step 2

1. If you have pain or blood stained/smelly discharge please arrange to see a GP

You can contact a centre that provides ear wax removal service.

Please Google Ear Wax removal service in Maidstone, Bower Mount Medical Practice are unable to recommend anyone in particular.

Do not insert anything in the ear. Cotton buds, matchsticks, and hair pins can:

  • Damage the wall of the canal and increase the likelihood of otitis externa. 
  • Cause the wax to become impacted by pushing it further into the canal. 
  • Perforate the tympanic membrane.

Do not use ear candles as they have no benefit in the management of earwax removal and may result in serious injury.











































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